Client Comments

Spectrum Home Enhancements prides itself on the testimonials of repeat business and constant referrals from our clients. The fact that our clients take the time to thank us with these kind words is very much appreciated. We have purposely omitted the names and addresses of our clients for privacy reasons. We will be happy to provide you with client references upon your request.


Michael and I wanted to officially say, “thank you” for the spectacular support that both of you showed us during our move and transition into Toronto. Tony came very highly recommended for painting from the management company and concierge in our building. I am happy to say that they were absolutely right and we were indeed blessed to find you both.You’ve left an imprint on us, our home and all those who will enjoy our sanctuary now and in the future! Michael and I thank you again for everything!

Bathroom Renovation

Dear Tony,

I know that I have made my love for my new bathroom evident in our conversations, but I feel it necessary to put pen to virtual paper and share with you how pleased I am with the entire process. From the day I met you, I knew that you were a man of integrity and professionalism. In all of our dealings and conversations, you treated me with respect and you had my trust instantly. I was confident that you were going to give me the bathroom of my dreams. And that is exactly what you have done. My bathroom is so outstanding that it is worthy of public display. What was a cramped and out-dated room is now a thing of beauty and majesty. It is not a big space, and short of tearing down walls, there is nothing to make it any bigger. But your art and creation makes the space seem much larger. When we met, I had a basic idea of what I wanted my new bathroom to look like. I wanted a dark colour on the walls (chocolate brown) and wainscoting. To compliment this, you masterfully suggested crown molding to finish the room. I was nervous about using such a dark colour in such a small space, but I vividly recall your words of advice – “A dark colour in a small room is not a bad thing, as long as it is well lit”. And you are completely correct. Each renovation job, no matter what, faces its own set of challenges. And as sure as water is wet, there were a few challenges that surfaced with the renovation of my bathroom. And without even blinking, you met every challenge head on, and resolved them in a timely fashion. At no time did I have any hesitation that anything bad was going to happen. I knew that you would make it all okay. And you did. Be warned - now that I have found you, I am not letting go. I am more than happy to sing your praises to anyone who asks. I will spread your name across this city, and give your card to anyone I know that owns a home. Thank you for making it all happen. I have waited a long time to make these renovations to my little condo, and you have made the wait worth while. With warm regards from an exceptionally satisfied customer," Niki Clarke


"Tony’s knowledge of his trade together with his proficiency has made him an invaluable asset. Tony gives each and every project his all and I would not consider using anyone else to handle my renovation requirements."



"Tony is definitely a valuable asset to many of us in the real estate industry and always does a magnificent job. Tony never neglects to do “the little extras” with diligence, integrity and enthusiasm."



"Tony, the job you did was not only in a timely manner, but your attention to details shows! There were no streaks or drips, absolutely flawless!!! I will be sure to recommend you to everyone I know. I wish you continued success."



"Tony, you were amazing, we had no mess anywhere, the walls were painted perfectly and you did “extra touches” on your own accord. Thank you again for your attention to detail. You will be the first contractor we call when we are in need of services"



"Thank you so much for doing a wonderful job of painting my house. It looks absolutely beautiful. You did an excellent job and your suggestion to add the crown molding was a great one. You were right “it makes the room so much more elegant."


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